Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Cory Trese Photography?

Clients planning a wedding are justly concerned that they are dealing with professional vendors for wedding services.

How many photographers work for your company? If we sign an agreement with you will we have a guarantee in writing that you will be the one photographing our wedding?

Answer: I guarantee that I will be your wedding photographer and my standard photographic services contract states as much.

Are the photographs on your web site and in your sample albums the work of more than one photographer? Is the work that you display all your own?

Answer: All of the work I display on my web site and in print (during the consultation) is mine and mine alone.

Are you able to show me more than one wedding you've done from start to finish?

Answer: Yes and I will during your consultation. My web site is designed to present a certain aesthetic and color scheme and shows a very small portion of my overall commercial portfolio. In addition, your wedding photographs are not displayed in any public fashion, on my site or any other site, without your express written permission.

Do your packages include multiple photographers?

Answer: The packages include the services of me, Cory Trese as the primary photographer. A second photographer can be purchased as an "a la cart" option. I will discuss this with you at your consultation if you are interested.

Do you work with a photographer's assistant?

Answer: The packages do not include an assistant fee, however, I reserve the option to bring a professional assistant to help with equipment, portage, lights and other wedding day tasks.

Will you be professional in your dress and behavior?

Answer: Always. We are professional in both demeanor and dress, and will ensure that any assistants or second photographers are as well.

What is Cory Trese's Photography Like?

It is natural to want a photographer who's style and sense of aesthetic matches your own. Most brides are well versed in the options and styles, so I'll answer the easy questions now.

Do you consider yourself a traditional wedding photographer? Portrait journalist? Photojournalist? Or both?

Answer: I offer all style of wedding photography. I work very hard to capture the story, emotion and romance of the day. Very often the best photographs of the bride, groom and their guests (in my opinion) are taken when they aren't even aware they're being photographed. I encourage you to include time in your wedding's schedule for portraits.

Do you take color or black and white photos? Is there an extra fee for black and white processing?

Answer: Color and black and white photography is included. During the post-processing phase (when I am sorting, cropping, correcting and preparing each photograph by hand) I will select a few hundred photographs that I feel are particularly well suited for black and white printing, and I will include both color and b/w versions with your originals as well as some black and white proofs.

What is Included in your Packages?

Knowing what you are getting with your photography package is critical, no matter who your vendor is. Here is a list of common questions clients ask me.

If your packages are not what I am looking for would you be willing to create a new package for me?

Answer: Absolutely. In fact, the vast majority of my clients create custom packages. The pricing is simple and comparative to what you see in the standard wedding packages.

Are you willing to travel to cover my wedding? Do you charge a travel fee?

Answer: I will travel a long way to cover a wedding. It usually is not a problem. If I need to fly I ask only that you cover the cost of the tickets.

My wedding and reception are in different locations. Is there an extra fee for this? What if we would like to have photographs taken at a third or fourth location?

Answer: All of my wedding packages include unlimited locations. No problem, if you know where you want your photographs, tell me and I'm there -- I am working for you.

After the wedding will you work with us for additional customized images? What if we find a photograph we would like to have with digital color separation?

Answer: There is no fee for the first 25 custom image requests, including additional B/W or digital color separations. Keep in mind that you are getting the originals and can also have your printing vendor create B/W prints for you from the color originals.

Do you include a website and DVD-ROM of my photographs? Does this require an extra fee?

Answer: I offer a website and DVD(s) of all the originals. If you cannot use DVDs, a multi-disk CD version will be created for you. The website is included in your package so that, if you want to, you can order prints from your wedding day.

Do you offer wedding albums and do you have a variety of options to choose from?

Answer: I can refer you to local (and national) vendors that produce incredibly high quality albums and coffee table books. The printer I use for all my work offers a wide variety of coffee table, album and proof book products. I always extend my preferred pricing from them to my clients.

Do you provide unlimited coverage with your packages or is there a fee for all day coverage? Are you willing to work with us before the ceremony if we choose to do that?

Answer: The Platinum Wedding Package includes unlimited coverage. All of my packages are based on "hours of coverage" (how long I am with you, taking pictures.) It is always up to you when you want me to start the photography (I would, of course, arrive some time before that to setup.) If you do not see a wedding package that you like, see the question about custom photography packages below.

What is included in every package?

What payment forms do you accept?

Answer: I accept personal checks and credit cards using the Google Checkout service.

Technical Questions

It is natural to want to be assured that your photographer is using professional, reliable and insured equipment.

What type of digital cameras will you bring to my wedding? Do you have backups in case of problems with your equipment?

Answer: I use Nikon's trusted professional grade cameras (and some special-purpose consumer grade ones as well.) I usually bring two or three cameras and a backup to each wedding. All of my equipment is well maintained and of the highest quality.

I use a 100% digital system to ensure rapid turn-around, consistent quality and lower prices. I have backups. And my backups have backups. I also have insurance.